CBD Flavour By Dynamic Butter 200 ml

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CBD Flavour Tattoo By Dynamic Butter 200 ml

Discover all our ranges of butters, from Papaya, Cherry, Strawberry, Tropical to Witch Hazel and CBD.

The natural and organic Butter Flavor By Dynamic replaces all petroleum-based products used as a lubricant before and after tattooing. It also reduces redness, swelling and bleeding during the process. It doesn´t erase the stencil and promotes skin healing.

Our Butter CBD is designed to be applied before and during the tattoo. It is also used to help heal the tattoo once it is finished, as it reduces pain thanks to the analgesic and anti-inflammatory power of CBD. Doesn´t clog machines, tubes or needles. It doesn´t remove the templates and in turn allows longer sessions.

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